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A Pocket Guide to Purpose

A quick and simple way to access and advance your purpose.

Who has time for lengthy career guides and dense self-help manuals? “A Pocket Guide to Purpose” condenses years of wisdom into bite-sized, actionable steps.

Discover your unique skills, ignite your passions, and chart a future that brings you joy. Forget the destination; embrace the journey and unlock your full potential, one empowering step at a time.

Whether you’re a CEO or a student, life’s big questions can feel overwhelming. This handy guide, packed with vivid illustrations and simple prompts, offers a refreshingly accessible path to personal transformation.

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A Pocket Guide to Purpose for Leaders

A Powerful Approach to Create and Unleash Greater Innovation, Inclusion and Engagement

Struggling to ignite your team’s passion and crush those stagnant results? This is your 14-minute rocket fuel to success, with actionable strategies to weave purpose into every fiber of your organization.

Discover your own leadership purpose, unite your team under a shared mission, and unlock hidden potential within each individual. Learn to identify aspirations, craft a purpose-driven culture, and see your team flourish with impactful results.

Packed with tools, real-world examples, and clear visuals, this guide is your shortcut to a thriving organization. Invest 14 minutes and watch your team soar.

Online Courses

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Courses require a paid membership.

Team Purpose to Performance ($99 Program)

Team Purpose to Performance ($99 Program) This program was designed to help world class, Fortune 500 teams create 2–3-year Game Plans that serve as a catalyst for legacy-making change. The results are evident; the program helped the executive team at CVS determine that they...

Team Purpose Clarity Assessment

Take this quick assessment to determine your or your team's alignment with their purpose. A higher score indicates better clarity than a lower score.

Team Purpose to Performance (Template)

The Team Purpose to Performance program is designed to align team performance on the fewest, most essential outcomes that only this team can focus on. It starts with purpose, more specifically the one core question (that most teams NEVER ask) that is critical to...

Quick & Dirties

These valuable lessons are presented in “bite-sized,” PDF format. After you have learned the core concepts, these are great concept refreshers.

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Coming Soon: The Book – Team Purpose to Performance

Coming Soon: The Book – Team Purpose to Performance

How to Create Legacy-Making Impact Through Teams A Pocket Guide to Purpose Series | Volume 3 Are you tired of your team achieving mediocre results and know you can do better? Typically this consultative process has been reserved only for the C-suite executive leader...

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