A quick and simple way to access and advance your purpose.

Why are You Here?

For some, this question has an easy answer. You may find it hard to articulate a purpose or a passion. This isn’t because you don’t have one but simply because it is difficult to visualize how you want to spend your time and what you truly want to do with your life. Many look to the future and see an empty, blank space.

Laura J. Stone is the founder of Purpose Stone. In her new manual, she shows you how to paint your future in the brightest colors possible. A Pocket Guide to Purpose will help you realize your most vivid dreams and find your unique skills. She will show you how to think of your future in bold and bright images. Stone uses charming illustrations to create a series of questions, prompts, and affirmations intended to get you thinking about your present life and your long-term goals.

“Laura Stone makes purpose come alive with a fresh recipe which serves up the ingredients for living purposefully. This is a “must-give” book for parents, teachers, leaders, and anyone who is hungry to discover the power of their own purpose.”

Richard Leider, International bestselling author of The Power of Purpose, Repacking Your Bags, & Life Reimagined


Laura J. Stone has spent her twenty-five-year career helping executives and business leaders strategize about the next step. At a certain point, she realized that it wasn’t just corporate employees who could benefit from her insight. People of all backgrounds worry about their future and wonder about their purpose in life.

Most people also don’t have time for a two-hundred-page book on personal transformation. Instead, Stone refined her suggestions down to the basics. Now, she is proud to present A Pocket Guide to Purpose. With bold illustrations and easy-to-understand advice and prompts, she has created a simple first step to planning your future and changing your life.

With A Pocket Guide to Purpose, you will learn to do the following:

  • understand what you have to give the world
  • identify your passion
  • list your unique skills
  • start planning your future
  • enlist your friends and family to help you find your purpose
  • enjoy the journey

Stone structures her book not as a linear narrative but as a cycle. The endpoint isn’t the important part of the process. Stone encourages you to have fun with her guide and let it inspire you in all aspects of your life!

“A Pocket Guide to Purpose combines inspirational text and innocent illustrations akin to Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince – creating a simple and profound path towards the discovery of our purpose in life. A must read for those on such a search.”

Jamil Mahuad, Former President of Ecuador Former Institute of Politics Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School

Why I Wrote this Book

In the fall of 2016, I was on my way to DFW Airport after an exhilarating and intense work week helping corporate executives identify and live their purpose. Quickly into the cab ride, Walter the cab driver asked what I was doing in Texas and I described my week with the above-mentioned corporate execs. I saw his eyebrows rise and could see his interest was piqued. I then asked him a few questions I often ask CEOs. After a few short minutes into our conversation he proclaimed, “You are the answer to my prayers! I have been trying to figure out my purpose but didn’t have the questions to get me going!”

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You are invited to take a journey to a very special place. A place to explore you. What brings joy. Energy and passion. So let's have some fun. Lighten of a bit and see what shows up. Ready? - Laura Stone

“Whether you’re just starting your career search, just got promoted or looking for a career change, this is a must read for you. Even if you’re happy in your job, this book can help you take your career and life that one step further. Laura’s book provided me the answer to the question I didn’t know I needed answered.”

Norm Creveling, President, Toyota Commercial Finance