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Laura Stone’s Keynote Topics

Become the Leader That Others Want to Follow

Short-term engagements that inspire long-term success. Laura Stone’s game-changing Keynotes, Webinars and Workshops give you everything you need to create and lead a wildly successful organization in the times of division, crisis and hidden opportunity that favors the bold.

Mindset Matters — Be Laser-Focused When it Counts

The mental shortcut to optimal performance. Every moment the human brain is confronted with over four million pieces of data, making it hard to appreciate what really moves the needle. Our uniquely designed four-step framework for excellent decision-making allows you to see when you are disempowered, cut the distractions and realign with your purpose—quickly and effectively.

Learn How To:

 Quickly identify when you are disempowered and why
 Become aware of the derailments and how to rapidly realign
 Understand the four-step process to optimal decision making

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Self-Lead-Meant™ — Lead Yourself to Lead Others

Your leadership license. Our innovative Self-Lead-MeantTM formula is the first to integrate self-awareness, leadership best practices and intentional thinking into one highly effective system of achievement. From gaining clarity, to leveraging your unique powers or guaranteeing professional impact, Self-Lead-Meant prevents you from getting stuck as a leader. Tune in. Turn on. Take off.

Learn How To:

 Identify where you need to “Tune In, Turn On and Take Off” in your leadership

 Gain clarity of where and how to leverage your unique power for greater impact both professionally and personally

 Let go of what no longer serves you or your team so that you can focus on the work only you should be doing

Inclusive Leadership — Unite, Inspire, Succeed

Progressive principles for powerful results. While most leaders are still lacking the sensitive skillset that Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice (DEI&J) require, our natural approach to inclusive leadership equips you with the emotional competence and agility to bring everyone together to flourish in a multicultural team. It’s every leader’s job now. We give you the tools.

Learn How To:

Integrate powerful and progressive principles to build greater courage, confidence, and competence in the essential arena of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice (DEI&J).

Understand and shift how your mindset is impacted by your core beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

Optimize your mindset for a greater impact on decision making, dramatically affecting team member’s engagement, retention and ultimately their success.

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The Leader’s Purpose — Unleash Your Natural Genius

The natural path to opportunity, freedom and success. While it is easy to lose sight and touch of your most powerful inborn gifts, the Purpose Map allows you to reconnect with your most deeply-seated excellence. Strip away the nonessential, hold your true north, and advance towards your unique purpose without distraction. It’s go time.

Learn How To:

Understand how to access and advance core elements of your purpose

Gain clarity into what makes you unique and how to harness it

Develop a quick map to launch and guide your next steps in advancing your unique leadership purpose

Your Pathway to Purpose

Are you ready to infuse your organization with pride, accountability and direction? This might seem like a daunting task. Luckily, I spent decades getting this process down to a science that is not only manageable and predictable but also measurable in results. It only takes one click to fire-up that engine for change.


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