Team Purpose to Performance ($99 Program)

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This program was designed to help world class, Fortune 500 teams create 2–3-year Game Plans that serve as a catalyst for legacy-making change. The results are evident; the program helped the executive team at CVS determine that they would no longer sell tobacco products.

This Introductory Program will start your team on its journey to performance. Starting with learning the core concepts and helping your team discover its purpose. The program is designed to align team performance on the fewest, most essential outcomes and the work that only this team can do.

Once you have completed this course and aligned on your team purpose, we encourage you to come back. During the next steps of the program you will create your team game plan and learn how to execute on it.

It starts with purpose, more specifically the one core question (that most teams NEVER ask) that is critical to strategic and tactical success: What is the work that we can only do that will make us proud?

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