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About Me


I’m Laura, the founder of Laura Stone Inc., a holistic leadership development firm that elevates people into highly effective leaders by uncovering their purpose and providing actionable strategies to realize their potential.

For over 30 years I have been helping global executives maximize their bottom-line through an innovative approach that emphasizes purpose, mindfulness and intentional execution as an Executive Coach and Strategy and Leadership Development Consultant. My list of clients includes Fortune 50 companies such as Unilever, CVS, Iron Mountain, IBM, Pfizer, Fidelity Investments, Toyota, Phillips, Novelis, Kimberly Clark, McKesson, the Institute for International Education and GE.

I’m a Keynote Speaker and Author, having published two hugely successful books on leadership “A Pocket Guide to Purpose: A Quick and Simple Way to Access and Advance Your Purpose” and “A Pocket Guide to Purpose: A Powerful Approach to Create and Unleash Greater Innovation, Inclusion and Engagement”. I am a transplanted Bostonian calling Rhode Island home and I’m continually humbled by our five children.

Other notable positions and accomplishments you might find interesting:

  • Served as an executive coach for the Harvard Business School MBA Authentic Leadership Development program
  • Former managing partner at the Authentic Leadership Institute
  • Key catalyst in the “historic project” that helped CVS to eliminate tobacco products
  • Faculty member for the Global Institute of Leadership Development (GILD) and the Women in Leadership (WIL)
  • Master trainer/coach of the David McClelland Motive Research from the Harvard’s School of Social Relations
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Navigating the Ocean, Navigating Business

I’m often asked what lead to me being such a successful consultant and where I developed this sense and confidence for navigating the uncertainties of business at the highest level. For me it started on the ocean, sailing boats as a child.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been on sailboats. Starting with a small boat called a sunfish, my dad would bring me to Cape Cod every summer. It was a simple 14-foot boat with one sail, one line to control it and a tiller to steer. In my teens, I learned to sail different boats. Eventually I started to take part in races in Cape Cod Bay in the summers and I became fearless on the water, winning every race.

But several years later, this confidence would be tested during a three-week sailing trip starting in Deer Isle, Maine. It began with some frustrating, windless days, which made it hard to cover a lot of ground with just a sail. Later I got to appreciate the calmness of those days, when weather and sea took a turn for the worse.

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The threat of capsizing was constant. Staying on course seemed impossible, but this wasn’t just about navigation anymore, it was about learning to respect the ocean, my team and working with what I had. It was about survival.
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First the skies became dark with a heavy downpour. Then we got hit by thunderstorms with hurricane winds. I was battling angry waves and the boat was pushed and pulled everywhere except where I needed to go. The threat of capsizing was constant. Staying on course seemed impossible but this wasn’t just about navigation anymore, it was about learning to respect the ocean, your team and working with what you have. It was about survival.

During those days I learned, that no matter what happens, I always can get from point A to point B, as long as I know where I’m going. It may get scary, difficult and time consuming, but I’ve learned to always move forward and make progress. I have been sailing ever since, eventually getting my captain’s license, commandeering much bigger boats, with more people over longer distances. But I can trace back the success of my method to those early days.

Business is like the open sea. It takes vision, direction and purpose. And then it takes a whole lot of humility, courage and patience to stay on course and make adjustments when necessary so that eventually you can reach your destination. I feel extremely blessed to have made these experiences and to be able to share these lessons and skills— helping global business executives make decisions that really move the needle.


Catalyst for Hire

Hire me to be the catalyst that will start, advance or evolve something big for you and your company. Maybe so big and audacious you didn’t even dare to speak it out aloud— yet. This is what I do. And if you and I can have the courageous conversation, we can make it happen for you, your team and your organization.

I never thought of calling myself a catalyst. It’s a title that was given to me. It took me a while to embrace it and put my ideas and accomplishments on display. It took a courageous conversation with myself to reach the next step in my career. It’s the conversation I’ve been having with my clients for 30 years to help them get where they want to be.

I’d love for the next one to be with you.

Have a Catalytic Conversation

Take the next step and propel yourself and your business securely into the future. What's keeping you from achieving excellence? This adversity is not the enemy. It's the instruction manual to success. Let's read it together and make sure that you're going where you need to — faster than ever.

Change isn't always easy, but it can start right now.