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What do we do?

We go to the core of what matters most – you, your people and your purpose. Specifically helping you understand why you’re really here, the mindset, heart-set and energy required to create legacy making opportunities a reality.

Whether it is for you, your team, your company – or all of the above – all matters and are requires to live a life you are proud of.

What do we do best?

Three things:

I. Purpose

Initially, your’s and your team’s; later, the company’s.

II. InclusiveLeadership

Helping you understand how your own mindset drives your ability to fully engage others, and to see cultural biases of your current system.

III. Self-Lead-Meant™

The practical tools and models you need to understand your 24/7 chatterbox brain and how to master it versus it mastering you. Separately, each strand of work is a powerful (life) advancement. Together they strengthen and leverage each other, accelerating your impact to something legacies are made of, something that wants to be realized.

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Team Purpose to Performance

Phase 1: Launch (2-3 months)

Understand team, stakeholder point of view
Draft unique purpose statement
Draft strategic initiatives based on purpose
Draft game plan to advance the team purpose
Learn strategy tools to help advance
Executive mindset

Phase 2: Pressure Test (1 month)

Get feedback from key stakeholders
Integrate new insights
Pressure test and update plan with
current obligations

Phase 3: Refine and Commit (1-2 days)

Align and agree on updated insights for team game plan
Learn the tools and skills uniquely required for the team advancement

Phase 4: Optimize (Quarterly, 1-2 days)

Celebrate success in progress
Address shortcomings and understand learnings
Assess next 90-day goals to advance your purpose
Share next phase of what you are committing
to stakeholders
Executive development
Understand “Say-Do-See” to build trust
and credibility

Phase 5: Celebrate and Strategize
(10-12 months after launch, 1-2 days)

Annual review and calibrate
Understand how the work and team
have advanced
Define next 12 months of key results
Share game plan and execute

Inclusive Leadership

Phase 1: Assess and Align
(1st month, 2-4 hours)

Assess current state of culture
Align on desired future estate
Agree on approach (who to educate, how much
time, explore options and decide)

Phase 2: Educate
(3 days of content over 2-4 months)

Executive inclusive leadership series: What every executive needs to understand about D, E, I & J

Phase 3: Integrate
(3 to 4 hours one month later)

Align and agree on updated insights for team game plan
Learn the tools and skills uniquely required for the team advancement

Phase 4: Application
(Practice content via monthly panels)

Identify pain points and where leaders need more experience

Phase 5: Purposeful Strategy

Agree on purpose statement that integrates commitment to D, E, I & J
Agree on next 12 months of key results


Phase 1: Executive Summaries
(6 to 12 weeks)

Increased confidence, clarity, and courage
Draft unique purpose statement
Increase positive leadership impact in
unprecedented times

Phase 2: Application

Identify 8 to 10 key leaders or project teams to integrate learning through executive advisory work

Phase 3: Your Purpose
(2 to 3 two hour sessions)

Raise understanding of individual leaders’ purpose
Draft individual purpose statement

Phase 4: Integrate
(Two, 90-minute sessions)

Integrate individual purpose work into career development dialogue and annual performance planning through the Rapid Performance Process™
Leveraging course content from Executive Summaries

Phase 5: Transformation (month 9-12)

Recognize best practices from phase one through four
Widen horizon, deepen contact in order to advance corporate strategy and commitment to D, E, I & J

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