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Laura Stone Inc. | Overview of Services

We are a holistic leadership development firm helping global executives maximize their bottom-line through an innovative approach that emphasizes purpose, mindfulness and intentional execution. Our approach elevates people into highly effective leaders by uncovering their purpose and providing actionable strategies to realize their potential.
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Get a return on your investments as well
as your insights. While many companies
struggle to fully capitalize on change, we
make sure you reap what you sow.
Realize Lucrative Opportunities and Cost-Savings
Effective Decisions, Faster
Confidence Thanks to a Winning Game Plan
Minimal Impact on Your Time

growing seed
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One-of-a-kind leadership content that shows you how to live and lead with excellence, both inside and out. From developing purpose and inclusive leadership to our unique Self-Lead-MeantTM program, we give you all the tools you need to thrive.
Inspiring Keynotes
Tailored Virtual Seminars
Highly Transformative In-Person Workshops


Unleash your potential and produce measurable progress—the fast and fun way. Aside from world-class services, we offer fan-favorite products proven to help you live and breathe purposeful leadership every day.

Team Purpose To Performance Processᵀᴹ
The Rapid Performance Processᵀᴹ
Self-Lead-Meantᵀᴹ Program
The Inclusive Leadership Program
A Pocket Guide to Purpose
A Pocket Guide to Purpose FOR LEADERS
“Seat Differently” Card Deck

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Processes and Technology

Cutting-edge technology at the service of your success. Life-changers, character-builders and award-winning technical solutions like SurePeople Talent—giving you unrivaled precision in the assessment, tracking and cultivation of yourself and your team—ensure our clients only get the best to be the best.
Executive Sailing Retreats
Digital Learning Solutions
SurePeople Talent Technology

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Online Courses & Resources

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Course: Accessing Your Purpose

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Take the next step and propel yourself and your business securely into the future. What's keeping you from achieving excellence? This adversity is not the enemy. It's the instruction manual to success. Let's read it together and make sure that you're going where you need to — faster than ever.

Change isn't always easy, but it can start right now.