Somehow, I find such joy in the simplicity of a simple flower. I practice taking pictures of all the things I think are beautiful (when I can remember to!) as I go through my day. I use these pictures every morning as part of my gratitude journal. My journal is an app called the Five-Minute Journal. The app asks for either a photo I’ve taken or one that I want to take. It then proceeds to ask me some questions. What are three things I am grateful for? What are three things that I am looking forward to most today? What is my daily affirmation? At the end of the day the app pops up and asks me what the best part of my day was and how could I have made it better.

The simple exercise – practice really – reminds me to pause and take pictures of things that I think are beautiful. It helps me be present, notice what’s around me and keep a small memory of it. I have always found gratitude journals extremely helpful but thought I should probably be writing in one by hand. I am finally letting go of that “should have”. This process of actually selecting a photo and answering the above questions into an electronic journal allows me to capture precious moments like the tulip and the ceramic frog. A simple flower in a small bud vase and my frog Alastair, who sits on my kitchen table and greets me every morning, brings me joy. It really is the little stuff isn’t it? I believe, in a small way, helps me start my day well and being more productive than otherwise.

What brings you joy today? What little things do you have around you that when you look at it, it makes you smile?