How to Create Legacy-Making Impact Through Teams

A Pocket Guide to Purpose Series | Volume 3

Are you tired of your team achieving mediocre results and know you can do better?

Typically this consultative process has been reserved only for the C-suite executive leader teams. Now it is time to democratize team purpose — the more leaders and teams know and more importantly use this process, the better the world will be. The Team Purpose to PerformanceTM process creates enormous impact that is legacy making. 

What if you could unlock the hidden potential within your team and achieve legacy-making change?

This book is your guide to a powerful, proven process used by Fortune 500 companies to create high-performing teams that are:

  • Driven to achieve breakthrough results
  • Equipped to overcome the most vexing challenges
  • Excited and motivated
  • Clear on their purpose

This process has helped:

  • CVS eliminate their $1.5 billion tobacco division that led to doubling both the top and bottom line profits
  • Danone’s global operations team become best-in-class
  • IBM’s outsourcing division make “HR Easy

An illustrated guide for a process that has been the catalyst for over $1 billion of revenue?

While parts of this process will sound familiar (example: asking a team questions to assess the current state) this is not to be dismissed because the process is also not a SWOT analysis that is used to understand the current state but tends to leave the team unfulfilled with out clarity of next steps nor excitement.

What this is:

  • Proven and results driven
  • A catalytic process to ignite big, legacy making change
  • Evoke emotions of excitement, pride, of large populations

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