Leaders are constantly under pressure to deliver results. We strive for efficiency, maximizing every moment to meet deadlines and achieve ambitious goals. However, in this relentless pursuit, a crucial aspect of leadership often gets neglected: building credibility and trust.

The SAY-DO-SEE method is a powerful yet straightforward framework that empowers leaders to bridge this gap. It’s a communication strategy designed to consistently demonstrate your capabilities and build trust with stakeholders, ultimately leading to better results.

The Problem: Great Results Gone Unseen

Many leaders, despite achieving incredible results, struggle with getting the recognition they deserve. They dedicate themselves to their work, hitting deadlines and exceeding expectations. Yet, they fail to effectively communicate their successes, leaving their efforts unseen and their credibility untested.

Several factors contribute to this phenomenon:

  • Focus on Efficiency: Leaders often prioritize completing tasks over taking the time to communicate progress. Every minute is dedicated to action, leaving communication as an afterthought.
  • Fear of Bragging: Sharing achievements can sometimes be misconstrued as boasting. Shift your mindset to EDUCATING others. Leaders might shy away from self-promotion, even when it’s about highlighting their team’s accomplishments.
  • Lack of Communication Strategy: Communication often happens haphazardly, without a clear plan or target audience. This scattershot approach dilutes the impact of their message.

The result? Stakeholders remain unaware of the leader’s capabilities and the team’s value proposition. Trust builds slowly, hindering collaboration and hindering buy-in for future initiatives.

The Power of SAY-DO-SEE

The SAY-DO-SEE method addresses these issues head-on by creating a structured communication framework. It consists of three simple steps:

  1. SAY: Clearly communicate your goals. Identify a key outcome you want to achieve within a specific timeframe, typically 30 days. Share this goal with relevant stakeholders, such as your team, senior management, or key clients. This initial communication serves several purposes:
    • Alignment: It ensures everyone understands the direction and your priorities.
    • Accountability: Publicly stating your goals increases your commitment to achieving them.
    • Transparency: It fosters trust by showing stakeholders you have nothing to hide.
  2. DO: Focus all work towards achieving your stated goals. This is the action phase where you dedicate yourself and your team to accomplishing the set task by the deadline.
  3. SEE!: Share your results with the same stakeholders you informed in step 1. This is the critical moment where you showcase your ability to deliver on promises. This transparency builds trust and demonstrates your competence and leadership skills.

The Cycle of Credibility

The SAY-DO-SEE method isn’t a one-time event. It’s designed to be a continuous cycle. Once you’ve shared your results in step 3, it’s time to repeat the process. On the same day you celebrate your achievements, announce your next 30-day goal. This consistent execution reinforces your credibility with each successful iteration.

Benefits Beyond Communication

The SAY-DO-SEE method offers advantages beyond simply building trust. Here’s how it can benefit you as a leader:

  • Improved Focus: Setting clear, time-bound goals helps prioritize your actions and efforts.
  • Enhanced Team Alignment: Regularly communicating goals fosters a sense of shared purpose within your team.
  • Increased Motivation: Publicly stating your goals increases your commitment and motivates you and your team to push harder.
  • Better Decision Making: Focusing on achievable goals within a short timeframe encourages data-driven decision making.

Making SAY-DO-SEE Work for You

Here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of the SAY-DO-SEE method:

  • Choose Measurable Goals: Select goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). This allows you to clearly track progress and demonstrate success.
  • Tailor Your Communication: Adapt your communication style to your audience. When presenting to senior management, focus on the strategic impact of your goals. When addressing your team, emphasize the process and celebrate their individual contributions.
  • Embrace Transparency: Don’t shy away from sharing even minor setbacks. Openly discussing challenges showcases your ability to adapt and problem-solve.
  • Celebrate Successes: Take the time to acknowledge both individual and team accomplishments. This reinforces positive behavior and motivates everyone to strive for even better results.

The SAY-DO-SEE Advantage

In a competitive business landscape, building trust and credibility is paramount for leaders and their teams. The SAY-DO-SEE method provides a simple yet effective framework to achieve this. By consistently communicating your goals, diligently working towards them, and transparently sharing with your team, you can assure successful advancement towards larger objectives.

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