With the jumpstart to the new year, many leaders are already feeling the stress from back-to-back meetings and the persistent demands from management to “do more with less”.

Recently I was working with an executive team who were feeling completely burnt, right before the holidays. Their health, stress with families and self care were all challenged. They agreed that it would be impossible to work more hours in 2024 so something had to give. You could hear a pin drop with their eagerness to find relief. And it came by seriously considering these two critical questions that rarely leaders ask themselves: 

  1. Given where you want to be in the future, what are the top 3-5 activities that ONLY YOU can and should do?
  2. What % of time should you be spending on the above?

Download this potent tool and within minutes you will find time that you didn’t have before by focusing on the work that only YOU can and should be doing.

Hopefully the holidays gave you the break you needed and now is the perfect time to restructure your calendar to have it work for you versus you work for it, helping you be more strategic, focused and fulfilled.

Please reach out if you would like to dive deeper. (Most) Suffering is optional.