Do you know the fastest way to recover from stress and exhaustion, recoup your energy, and reclaim your power? Take inventory. More specifics coming soon.

Many of our clients are utterly drained by this time of year. Extensive travel, back-to-back meetings, urgent deadlines, and Board demands leave them barely enough time to prepare for the next day, let alone reflect on their successes. Before I share a powerful and quick method to restore your energy, here is a quick, real-life client story.

“Is it worth it?” echoed five top executives during evening hors d’oeuvres before our strategy session. They confessed feeling exhausted, acknowledging the excitement of their work while confessing how the relentless pace, pressure, and separation from loved ones were taking a toll unlike ever before. Weight gain, increased blood pressure, and sleepless nights were just some of the highlights mentioned. Sound familiar?

This holiday season, instead of blindly pushing through, consider it a gift of reflection, family, and renewal. Take this time to ask yourself some powerful questions:

  1. What successes and progress occurred this year? Celebrate your wins, big and small!
  2. What did you not do great this year? Identify areas for improvement with compassion, not judgment.
  3. If you could repeat this year, what would you change/keep doing? Learn from your experiences and chart a course for the future.

Whether you’re a seasoned leader or a rising star, conducting a self-assessment across all facets of your career and the six F’s of your personal life (fitness, faith, finance, family, friends, and fun) can be incredibly empowering.

Reflection and Goal Guide

Here’s a gift for you and your loved ones: my essential reflection and goal guide. It’ll help you take stock, recognize progress, and identify areas for growth in the coming year.

Remember, you can’t work more hours, but with dedicated reflection time, you can see what worked, identify strengths and growth areas, and make conscious choices for the new year. Keep it simple: share one commitment with a loved one, increasing your chances of turning intention into reality.

Next month, in our Strategic Gems series, we’ll dive deeper into calendar optimization, helping you prioritize the most important work, save hours each week, and achieve greater impact with less stress.

Happy Holidays! May this season be filled with moments of joy, renewal, and reconnection. And if you’re seeking additional guidance on navigating holiday burnout and charting a fulfilling path for the new year, reach out — I’m here to help.

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