Clues to better understand our own purpose and how they connect to the organizations we belong to are everywhere.

Research shows that when we look for something, our brains go into search mode to find it. The question makes our brain “sticky” so that when it does show up, we notice it. That is the first step, noticing it. The next step is what to do with it. Once you identify something that your brain is looking for, decide what to do with it. Specifically, ask yourself the next question:

For example, let’s say you decide you need a new car. Now your brain is thinking about cars. You pass by a Volkswagen dealership and notice a yellow VW Bug. You think to yourself, I have always loved those VW Bugs. Now, everywhere you go, you start seeing yellow VW Bugs! Was there a huge influx of them released on the road this month? No! They have been out there all the time but now you are suddenly noticing them!

Now let’s take this example to connect the dots from your purpose to organizations you’re involved in. Frankly, you can connect this concept to anything on the continuum of purpose from your own, your team’s, and your organization’s.

Think about what attracted you to the company you are in now.

What sparked your interest?

During the interview process, what made your heart pump?

Who did you speak to that deeply impressed you in some way about the work they did?

What was it about them or what they said about the culture, the customers, the vibe that moved you?

What does the company stand for that you deeply appreciate?

What might be threads of the Organizational Purpose that connect to you?

Stay with this last question. What might be threads of the Organizational Purpose that connect to you? These threads may be clues for you, another stepping stone to see how your purpose connects to the organization.