A Mother’s Passing: Reflection and Action

During the last several months, several special women in my life have passed away. Following the death of my own mother last August, many of my dear friends have also lost their mothers. Sammi and Doug Robertson are among those who have also suffered this same loss as both of their mother’s passed since the new year began – Doug’s mother passed away just this week.

Women have been on my mind…

Covid has been especially rough on women, having to balance so much more than the usual load. Never mind the recent reality of the overturning of Roe v. Wade (but that is for another article). Research reveals during the height of the Covid shutdown, women bore the brunt of the burden in the workplace as well as at home, having to rebalance with kids being home, no daycare, minimal support services or programs. Never mind the stress, anguish and strain it created in homes where there was no escape. And women are still in the midst of this new world. Now imagine being a mother of children with autism and these women have had to become miracle teachers, therapists, and respite workers (which they probably were already!).

Do Something…

Sammi and I have grown up together since middle school and have remained friends over the decades. Our families have spent time together and we’ve celebrated many milestones with one another. Following the birth of Sammi and Doug’s second child, Bailey, they soon formed Bailey’s Team as a result of his autism diagnosis, a non-profit organization helping people with autism, their families and educating the community about how to understand and best support those with autism. And, because of our special friendship, they invited me to be a founding Board member back in 2008.

Sammi and Doug, are incredibly special people who give so much of their time, energy, money and resources to leading Bailey’s Team and in honor of Sammi’s and Doug’s mothers and mine, and all the women in our lives who have done so much, I ask you to please consider honoring these special women by giving to an organization that is special to them. I am giving to Bailey’s Team, (www.baileysteam.org) and I have decided to launch an annual giving campaign to which I will donate automatically. Will you join me?