Step 3: Large Group Integrated Draft Team Purpose Statement

Activity | Large Group Discussion

Pro Tips:
If the team is unable to come to a consensus of their draft team purpose statement within the allotted time, instruct the group to select two volunteers to continue to develop and refine the statement “offline” and to be ready to share back with the team two days before the next scheduled program session.


  1. Trios share draft purpose statements
    Instruct the large group to allow a designated member from each TRIO to read their Draft Team Purpose Statement aloud, while the rest of the group listens. 
  2. Identify themes
    Next, open the discussion to the whole group to identify the fewest, most essential aspects (words, images, what it evokes in you, etc.) that they like about the statement and why (as well as the aspects that do not resonate and why). 
  3. Highlight/underline these aspects in the cloud-based document, “Master Team Purpose Statement Draft.”
  4. Repeat this process for each TRIO.

Facilitation Questions

  1. Once all TRIOs have presented their statements, guide the group to consider the following:
  • What themes are we seeing across all TRIO statements?
  • What differences may we honor?

[Video what is open narrow close? How is it used and why would it be useful here? Or just remove it from the $99 version]

2. Facilitate a discussion (using Open > Narrow > Close) that will help the group work together to craft a draft team purpose statement that integrates the fewest most essential aspects that effectively finish the statement,

We will feel proud of this team 2 years from now when…”

3. Consider aspects that may need to be added, omitted, or rephrased.

4. Paste the Integrated Draft Team Purpose Statement into the Master Team Template Google Doc.