How to Facilitate this Course for Your Team

Some of these concepts may be familiar to you or they may be completely new. Prior to working on this component as a team, we encourage the team leader to go through the course on their own to ensure they have understanding of the items in case of any questions arise.

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Steps for Success

  1. Review the entire course prior to facilitating it for a team.
    The facilitator should review the entire course to ensure they understand the components, the flow, the outcome of the activities, and how activities are facilitated.
  2. Some of the lessons are structured differently.
    Read through the facilitator instructions (“Pro Tips”) carefully to determine if there is pre-work, group discussions, or individual assignments. Some lessons require individuals to do reading or draft statements prior to meeting. Some lessons really require a scheduled meeting where the facilitator will teach a concept and then guide a group discussion.
  3. Course Structure
    This course starts with a teaching module for the group as a whole and several brainstorming sessions. Then there is an individual assignment, followed by a small group breakout session, and finally a large group session. Individuals will need to understand the teaching module prior to starting the individual assignments.

    You may wish to have one long session to accomplish all these items, however to prevent fatigue an increase retention, it may be wise to break them into several meetings.
    • Meeting 1: Introduction to the program, brainstorming session, why we are doing this, objectives, agenda, ground rules, framework, and initial learning materials. At that end you will introduce the individual assignment. You may wish to break this into two meetings depending on the group.
    • Meeting 2: Small group breakout sessions & Large group integration session.
    • Meeting 3: Concepts wrap up.
  4. Tools for Collaboration
    Prior to the group activities, you will need to set up a shared document that participants can edit such as a MS Teams or Google doc. If meeting in person, you may want to use a whiteboard or a flip chart instead.

Pro Tips
In order for this training to be most effective, there needs to be buy-in and participation from all the team members.
• Introduce this program as a learning problem, not an execution problem
• Acknowledge your own fallibility
• Encourage curiosity and ask a lot of questions