Step 2: Small Group Breakout Session

Activity | Small Group Breakout: TRIO Draft Purpose Statements

Pro Tips:
• Remind participants to complete and bring their individual journaling exercises from Step 1 to the session.
• Ask the participants to break out into groups of three individuals.
• Share the “Team purpose statement draft” with group participants.
• After the groups have formed, share the activity objective and steps.


By the end of the session each trio will create a draft team purpose statement in the following format “We will feel proud of this team in two years from now when…


  1. Person A shares their individual team purpose statement from the prework that finishes the statement, “I will feel proud of this team 2 years from now when…”
  2. Cut and paste the statement into the cloud-based document, “Team Purpose Statement Draft.”
  3. Person B & C listen then share what they LIKE about Person A’s statement (highlight these aspects in the “Team Purpose Statement Draft” document).
  4. Then, repeat Steps 1-2 for Persons B & C.
  5. Once all TRIO members have shared, all members of the TRIO discuss the following:
    • What themes are we seeing across all three statements?
    • What differences may we honor? 
  6. Craft an initial team purpose statement that integrates the fewest most essential aspects that effectively finish the statement,
  7. We will feel proud of this team 2 years from now when…”
  8. Consider aspects that may need to be added, omitted, or rephrased.
  9. Paste your TRIO draft team purpose statement into the Master Team Template Google Doc in your assigned block.