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Purposeful, Crisis-Proof, Future-Ready

Master the core skills of strong compassionate leadership, solid strategic thinking and purposeful execution to take your operation where it needs to go— even when the going gets tough.

With a proven track record of consulting Fortune 500 companies through their most difficult decisions, I will show you how to navigate the highest echelons of effective leadership.

Laura Stone | Founder + CEO

Integrated Purpose

Get everything and everyone aligned towards that all-important purpose. Having a solid vision is nice, but it easily gets lost in the daily friction of managing an organization. Making sure that every single action, every person, from top management to the newest intern, pull at the same string is an art. My results-driven approach will show you how to master it.


Find yourself, lead yourself and you will be able to lead others. For this to be possible, you have to find the meaning in everything you do. The Self-Lead-Meant™ training program will take your leadership skills to the next level. Learn how to define excellence, practice it without compromise and become the inspiring leader people want to follow.

Diversity & Inclusion

Make sure your organization's culture truly has arrived in the 21st century. Diversity is not just a social issue. Being an integrated part of the fabric of society, leveraging creativity and insight, adapting to social changes-all this requires a diverse sustainable culture that ensures your business is sustainable for the future to come.

The Rapid Performance Process™

Create understanding and clarity of what high performance outcomes and results mean in your organization. Identify each employee’s unique genius, that if tapped into at a deeper level will yield exponentially greater results, fulfillment and engagement.

Strategic Outcomes

Set the right targets, define the right lead-measures and then knock it out of the park. You can have the most talented team of "doers" at your disposal but if the direction of their efforts is misguided, too loosely defined or simply contradictory, problems will arise. This is the norm in most organizations. Developing and pursuing strategic outcomes makes sure your team never strays from the path to success.

Have the Catalytic Conversation

Take the next step and propel yourself and your business securely into the future. What's keeping you from achieving excellence? This adversity is not the enemy. It's the instruction manual to success. Let's read it together and make sure that you're going where you need to — faster than ever.

Change isn't always easy, but it can start right now.