Module 3: Synthesize and Plan Execution

Module III: Key Results & Outcomes

To advance your purpose you need to understand what success looks like. Knowing what the end goal is—and having alignment with it—enables multiple paths forward. When it comes to success, there is no one right way. Conditions change, new insights are presented, and possible pathways always multiply along the road to success.

 Thinking about your intended key outcomes or final results before taking any action will save time and discomfort in the implementation process. Getting clarity and alignment early on where you want to go, before taking the steps to get there, helps enable better decision-making and a faster approach when the road veers off course.

  1. Agree on top 3-5 problem statements
  2. Agree on Key Outcomes (Measures of Success) that directly address the problem statements
  3. Brainstorm potential path to addressing the problem statements by drafting the Game Plan
  4. Understand Highlights for Module 4

In Module III we will review the totality of the game plan now that you are seeing all the pieces together and reflect and decide on:

  • What is becoming clearer now that we see all the parts?
  • What paradoxes are coming forward as central to our work together, and inversely what paradoxes either are secondary or off the table
  • What (outcomes/measure of success, milestones…) need to be consolidated?
  • Set up to pressure test the game plan with direct reports, customers and other key stakeholders