Module 1: Pre-work

Planning & Preparation

1. Print out the Module 1 agenda for it will give you the directions you will need for each breakout, and the questions to think about so that you will be ready to share your responses. For those who appreciate the quiet time to think about our answers ahead of time, this is your opportunity. For those of us who process outwardly, this will give you a chance to be concise with your thoughts in session.

2. Read the interview summary first then answer the following questions: (45-60’)

     a. What are your initial reactions or insights to the interview summaries?

     b. What are our key successes and strengths that must be leveraged moving forward from the perspective of the interviewees?

     c. What are your primary concerns from the Interview summaries?

     d. What are the key areas of opportunity for this team that we must address?

3. Read Purpose – Quick and Dirty: Reflect and be ready to answer the following questions:

     a. What was your most meaningful job? What made it meaningful? (This could be a volunteer experience, a project, a current or past job.)

     b. What will make you proud of your team 1-2 years from now? What is the work that only this group can do?

Additional Resources

Accountability – Quick & Dirty

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