Module 1: Foundation for the Work

Most organizations like to think of purpose as another word for vision or mission. Purpose is a healthy pride that is born through meaningful contribution and clarity of direction. While generic and vague mission statements fail to truly motivate and guide teams at every level, a clear purpose creates real meaning and impact that drives results.

Purpose statements are much more than mottos. They are used to initiate, evaluate and refine business strategies and activities. They not only become the beacon for strategic direction that plots a common course—they are the North star guiding the way forward in something far greater.

  1. To understand the foundations of strategic thinking and planning and the role of our thoughts
  2. To understand and explore the interview data and agree on key opportunities to bring forward into our planning
  3. To agree on our purpose for working together. Agree to what will make us proud in both the short and the long term so that we have a greater understanding of what aligns us and our direction so that we develop a better understanding of how to create long-term strategies for the next 12 months and beyond

In Module I we will be talking about building the foundation for the work. To do this you will need to:

  • Interview key stakeholders to learn how they see the world (What is working, not working, what is their biggest obstacle, what would they change?)
  • Agree on what is at stake if we don’t change
  • Agree on the purpose our Leadership Team (LT) – the work that only we can do and will make us proud?