Module 4: Pre-work

  1. Circle back up with your Paradox/problem statement sub-teams. I highly recommend that you have your first meeting together within the next few days while it is still fresh. Have your second meeting within the next week and if needed schedule a backup 3rd check-in to refine given what you are seeing come up in other’s sub-team work.
  2. Read and comment (pluses, questions, deltas) on each other’s work BEFORE you come into the meeting. 
  3. Read through all the TP2P Module 1-4 a few days before our session, where we did most of our work (from the most meaningful job, purpose, and paradox work) so that you are fresh getting back after three weeks.
  4. Take 5-10 minutes to reflect on where you are in this process and how you are progressing. Great leaders pause, reflect and contemplate what they are learning.